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Humidification for banknote printing plant

Partner for cash printers

Quality is no accident. The banknote printing plant of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, which has received several international awards for its excellent products, is completely air-conditioned with high-pressure humidification systems from Merlin.


Paper needs consistency

Not only does the right climate has a positive effect on people, but also on production processes and the functionality of high-tech equipment. Especially in the printing industry, much depends on constant humidity and constant temperatures. This is the only way to effectively avoid unpleasant breakdowns and reduced production speed caused by dimensional fluctuations of the paper and electrostatic charges.

Highest standards in demand

Merlin’s partner in Moscow informed the company of the Kazakh National Bank's plans to bring the banknote printing plant latest state of the art with regard to air conditioning and humidification. Johann Reisinger, Managing Director, took the offer into his own hands and was awarded the contract: "We were not the cheapest provider, but we put our cards on the table from the outset and had the best concept. The highest standards were needed, and we are exactly the right partner for that."

Attracting attention

In addition to the printing sector with state-of-the-art sheet-fed and digital printing equipment, Merlin also equipped the four-storey administration building with high-pressure humidification. The system was integrated into the existing building technology. Merlin also supplied the complete water treatment system, including sterilisation and disinfection. A project that attracted considerable attention at the State Printing Office in Vienna, which had been trying to establish business relations in Kazakhstan for some time. Merlin arranged the desired contact via the foreign trade office in Almaty.

All around the world

Humidity measurement and humidification systems from Merlin are used in 70 countries around the globe by renowned companies and corporations in a wide variety of industries.

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