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According to a study by Greenpeace, people nowadays buy twice as much clothing as they did 15 years ago, but they only wear it half as long. The result is clear: both dealers and consumers own vast quantities of clothing – at the expense of the environment. Did you know that …

… in addition to fast fashion (large numbers of collections in a short time), there is now ultra-fast fashion (presentation of products in social media that don't physically exist yet – production takes place within the shortest time, depending on likes and comments)?

… 40 % of the clothing produced is not sold?

… clothing has become a disposable commodity since the mid-1990s due to accelerated and cheap production methods?

… the fashion industry, with a share of 10 %, is the second largest polluter worldwide after the oil industry?

… a 14 to 69-year-old person in Austria owns 85 articles of clothing on average?

… around 13.4 kilos of used textiles accumulate per head per year?

… both sustainable materials and the reusability or the easy disposal of the articles of clothing are the driving factors for a positive change in the fashion industry?

… good condition of the clothing donated to social organisations such as Caritas is a major factor, as otherwise these organisations incur extra costs for the disposal?

… second-hand clothing has now developed into a trend?

… second-hand clothing can additionally support local retailers and eliminate the often long delivery distances?


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