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Stop talking, start acting!

Vaccination history

Stop talking, start acting!

Vaccinations are one of the most effective measures available in preventative healthcare. Vaccinations are always advisable when the risk of contracting a certain infectious disease is higher than the risk of vaccination. Did you know that…

... the first vaccination against cowpox was used in 1796?

... the word "vaccination" is derived from the term "Vacca" (Latin for cow)?

... according to the WHO, vaccinations save around 2.5 million lives every year?

... a number of diseases have already been eradicated due to vaccination (e.g. smallpox)?

... vaccinations not only protect the recipient but others too?

... vaccinations reduce the mortality rate?

... infant mortality has halved since 1990 thanks to vaccinations?

... vaccinations against measles saved the lives of around 23.2 million children between 2000 and 2018?

... vaccinations train the immune system and the development of antibodies are not a strain on the immune system, but rather the norm for the system?

... vector vaccines, just like mRNA vaccines, do not alter our genetic make-up?



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