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Duct humidification


ORBIT WING® Hybrid: Air humidification and cooling from a single system!

In addition to the existing ORBIT WING® duct humidification system, the ORBIT WING® hybrid is now also in operation. This 2-in-1 system enables adiabatic cooling in summertime and air humidification in wintertime. ORBIT WING® hybrid – the efficient and flexible system that can be easily integrated into any duct.

Environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioning
In many applications, the cooling effect produced in summer replaces an air conditioning system, while at the same time saving a high amount of energy compared to conventional cooling systems – thereby saving costs.

The technical edge
The patented ORBIT WING® continuous control facilitates variable regulation of the desired cooling output. The simple operation takes place using a touch display, just like on a smartphone.

Industry 4.0
Our systems are of Industry 4.0 standard, thanks to continuous and ongoing development.
We use an intuitively operated control for our 2-in-1 system.

Tested hygiene for maximum safety
Hygiene is a top priority at merlin® and is documented by multiple certifications. The hygienic parity or advantage of the ORBIT WING® system with steam humidification also represents a significant milestone.

We spray water in the air, to save water and protect the environment!

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