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Exhibitions & events during Covid-19 pandemic

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, numerous trade fairs and major events have been cancelled. As measures relax and the vaccine roll-out continues, live trade fairs are coming to the fore again. However, these events need to reinvent themselves due to sustainability and the environment. Did you know that …

... cheap disposable materials are often used for cost reasons in particular?

... 30 % of trade fair costs result from stand construction?

... a trade fair the size of 24 football pitches produces enough waste to fill two Olympic swimming pools?

... at Anuga 2018, the world's leading trade fair for the food and beverage industry in Cologne, 135 euro pallets full of food were donated to food banks (non-profit aid organisations)?

... start-ups are already looking at more sustainable concepts for trade fairs?

... these concepts could save around 67 % waste on average compared to conventional exhibition stands?

... the Austrian Ecolabel certifies "Green Events" and "Green Meetings", which are characterised by greater energy efficiency, waste avoidance and the environmentally-friendly arrival and departure of guests?

... the trend towards "green" exhibition stands is becoming increasingly prevalent?

... the concept of exhibition stands needs to be completely re-conceived, for example through the use of renewable raw materials or permanently installed exhibition stands?

... every company can make a contribution to waste avoidance by implementing small changes?


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