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Documentary “Seaspiracy”

The documentary “Seaspiracy” is one of the most popular films on the Netflix streaming platform at the moment. It shows the impact of commercial fishing on our oceans and provides some food for thought in the process. Did you know that...

… Fisheries and aquaculture provide income for 800 million people?

… eating carp, farmed mussels or seaweed have a very small ecological footprint?

... between 790 and 2,300 billion fish are caught annually through commercial fishing?

… 25 % of the fish caught worldwide are thrown back into the water because they are too small, undesired or there are too many in the catch?

... Fishing nets account for 46 % of the floating and visible plastic waste in the vast “Pacific Garbage Patch”?

… the oceans absorb four times as much CO2 as the Amazon rainforest?

… up to 85 % of the world's oxygen is produced by phytoplankton?

... global fish consumption was 20 kg per person in 2019?

... the oceans will be as good as empty in 30 years if the demand for fish does not fall?

... Kip Andersen, the film producer of “Seaspiracy”, has already made two other documentaries (“Cowspiracy”, “What the Health”) about the meat and food industry?


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