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Adiabatic cooling & saving energy

Stop talking, start acting

Many people look forward to the warm season, when they can once again stay outdoors longer. It’s a different story in offices and production halls, which can heat up due to the warm temperatures. At merlin® we not only humidify the air, but also cool it, ensuring a pleasant climate on hot days. Did you know that …

… water that evaporates removes heat from the surrounding air, thus leading to cooling?

… the right humidity for effective cooling lies between 40 and 60 %?

… a reasonable humidity level improves the dissipation of heat from our bodies and we feel more comfortable overall?

… dry skin and irritation of the respiratory tract can be avoided by the right humidity?

… air humidification filters dust, pollutants and other particles out of the air and thus leads to a general improvement in the room air?

… static electricity can be reduced, as it builds up more easily in dry air?

… cooling by air humidification consumes less energy in comparison with conventional air conditioning systems, thus saving CO2?

… operating costs can be significantly reduced in comparison with a conventional air conditioning system on account of the lower energy consumption?

… no climate-damaging coolants need to be used for cooling by air humidification?

… the systems from merlin® can be adapted individually to offices and production halls, thus also providing for spot cooling?

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