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Austria Center Vienna & Merlin®

Up to 99 % electrical energy saving compared to electric steam humidifiers, up to 98 % evaporation efficiency* and a 50 % shorter evaporation distance are made possible by the low-maintenance ORBIT WING® high-pressure duct humidification system from Merlin Technology.

During the modernisation of the air conditioning systems in the Austria Center Vienna, innovative approaches were taken with the switch from air washers to a high-pressure duct humidification system. "For the number and size of our air conditioning systems, steam humidification would be far too energy-intensive. That's why we decided on a modern high-pressure duct humidification system," explains Werner Riegler, Head of Facility Management at the Austria Center Vienna. The choice was made to use the patented ORBIT WING® System from Merlin Technology, which already ensures a healthy and constant room climate in Belvedere Palace, the World Museum and Vorderen Zollamtsstrasse. "We became aware of Merlin Technology through a planning office and AN Lüftungsumbau recommended the system to us," says René Neleman, HVAC Team Leader at the Austria Center Vienna.

Enormous saving potential
The patented ORBIT WING® high-pressure humidification system can be integrated into any existing ventilation or air conditioning system. A flexibility that does not only attract the attention of architects and planners. "The big challenge in implementing the project in the Austria Center was that the size of the ventilation units could not be changed. Merlin Technology provided the solution," says Neleman. The ORBIT WING® System saves space by halving the evaporation distance and enables electrical energy savings of up to 99 % compared to conventional techniques. "Only 2.5 to 3 watts of energy is used to generate 1 kg of moisture", explains Franz Schrems, Technical Director at Merlin Technology. The intelligent combination of step control and pressure control is new and trend-setting. Incidentally, with the ORBIT WING® System from Merlin Technology, visual maintenance will be quite sufficient.

The right decision
Neleman is enthusiastic about the investment. "The pre-project phase, order execution, commissioning and trial operation were very satisfactory. On top of that, there is the personal touch of the support," emphasises Neleman. Merlin Technology's ORBIT WING® System has been in full operation since the beginning of July. With a total of 33 systems, the halls and meeting rooms in the Austria Center Vienna are constantly humidified. "The humidity in the room can be precisely maintained and the Merlin system is much more environmentally friendly than the air washers. Calcification and contamination of humidification honeycombs no longer affect us," says Neleman, commenting on the best decision in a long time.


* With the patented ORBIT WING® humidification system

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