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GIR Ltd & Merlin®

The production of high-quality furniture made of solid oak wood is the core competence of the company GIR from Serbia. With the help of the ALPHA high-pressure air humidification system from Merlin Technology, it has been possible to stop costly material rejects in the production halls.

Founded as small family business at first, GIR Ltd. has grown to have over 600 employees today and be a renowned company outside the European boundaries. Their customers come from all across the globe and prefer high quality furniture made of natural materials. Meeting customers’ needs, which is a top priority of GIR Company, apart from requiring impeccable service, it also requires a constant improvement in the area of wood quality.

References have convinced
Since wood is a natural hygroscopic element which adapts to its surrounding environment by absorbing or releasing water from itself, extremely low humidity in production halls, especially during low temperatures in winter time, once caused Serbian company a lot of troubles. "Cracks in the furniture elements caused us problems. While searching for a technical solution, we became aware of Merlin Technology and their efficient humidification systems. We were convinced by great references and true professionalism of this company, which is noticeable in its communication", emphasises GIR owner and CEO Radovan Radović.

Problem solved
The first ALPHA system in GIR Company went into operation in February 2016. In the meantime, already five systems humidify all areas of the company where wood is processed and stored. Within a short period of time, the investments have paid off. "The air humidification systems have helped to improve our production. Without Merlin Technology we would still be struggling with cracks in boards, and now when we have the Merlin systems installed, the cracks are a thing of the past. The service is also always at the highest level," contentedly sums up Radović. The air humidification systems of the Upper Austrian family-owned company are easy to operate and enable flexible solutions, as Radović confirms. "We recommend Merlin Technology because it has developed reliable systems for the different user needs and the technical support is excellent. GIR and Merlin have a strong relationship and rather a successful partnership that will continue to last in the years to come".

Unique safety circuit
The heart of the ALPHA high-pressure air humidification system is absolute hygiene and fine atomisation via flow-oriented high-performance nozzles. A humidity and temperature sensor measures the relative humidity and temperature in the zones, which can also be humidified individually. A unique feature is the safety circuit that makes overhumidification impossible. The visualisation of the system and the possibility of remote maintenance provide a perfect support package both for service and maintenance.

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