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Grundfos & Merlin®

As one of the world's leading pump manufacturers, Grundfos has been synonymous with quality and innovation for over 60 years. With an impressive annual production of around 16 million pumps, the Danish company serves customers worldwide. The focus is on circulation pumps for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology as well as sewage lifting units and pressure boosting systems for water supply. As a sustainability-oriented company, it goes without saying that the electronics production department invested in an energy-saving direct room humidification system from merlin®.

Grundfos continuously strives to meet the changing demands of the market by constantly working on the development of more advanced and energy efficient pumps. In addition to pumps, Grundfos also produces electric motors and electronic control systems for pumps.

The MICRO DROP humidification system in electronics manufacturing is crucial to protect the sensitive electronic components from damage caused by static electricity.
The previous humidification system, which was integrated into the ventilation system and used water vapor to regulate humidity, proved to be extremely energy-intensive and costly.

The decision to use the energy-efficient merlin® ALPHA MICRO DROP humidification system is a very good one. Katrin Fett, Dipl.-Ing. for energy efficiency concepts at Grundfos, emphasizes: “Compared to the steam humidification previously used, the savings are very large, we achieve a saving of approx. 128 MWh/year. The energy saving is very good!” With this energy saving, a 2-person household can be supplied with electricity for 36.5 years (with an average consumption of 3.5 MWh per year*).

The merlin® system not only offers considerable energy savings, but also significantly improves process reliability. Independence from the aeration system ensures that even if the aeration system fails, humidification continues, ensuring a smooth production process.

Grundfos chose merlin® because of its proven expertise and excellent price-performance ratio. In addition, numerous positive references of merlin's reliability and quality were convincing.

Grundfos was particularly impressed by merlin's first-class customer service. “A competent contact person is always available, and solutions are sought quickly and easily when problems arise. The merlin® service team is competent, helpful and friendly, which makes working with merlin® even more pleasant,” praised Katrin Fett at the end of the meeting.

(*Source:https://www.co2online.de/energie-sparen/strom-sparen/strom-sparen-stromspartipps/stromverbrauch-im-haushalt/ )

Katrin Fett, Dipl.-Ing. for energy efficiency concepts for all Grundfos locations with merlin® ALPHA direct room humidification
merlin® direct room humidification
Katrin Fett, Dipl.-Ing. for energy efficiency concepts for all Grundfos locations
GRUNDFOS Pumpenfabrik GmbH in Wahlstedt/Germany

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