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Handlos & Merlin®

With high-pressure humidification systems from Merlin Technology, the internationally renowned company Handlos plays it safe in wood production and storage.

Timber is quality
Since 1818, the family-owned company Handlos from Upper Austria has been deeply rooted in timber. With far-sightedness, the company has always exhibited healthy growth. Around 130,000 m³ of timber is processed in highly automated systems in Tragwein and Pregarten every year, and from here it goes to numerous countries in Europe, Asia and all the way to South Africa. "Timber is quality" appears on the company's homepage. Constantly good humidity is absolutely essential for this promise. "We have installed high-pressure humidification systems from Merlin Technology in all production and storage halls and are benefiting many times over. Productivity and wood equilibrium moisture content fit, the system works reliably and requires little maintenance," said Managing Director, Herbert Handlos, whose company has been a satisfied and loyal merlin® customer since 1996.

Quality from Austria
Absolute hygiene, finest atomisation and even distribution are the heart of this high-pressure humidification. The mature technology was not the only clincher for Merlin Technology. "We wanted a local supplier and got a solution-oriented partner from the region," confirmed the company boss. By the way, shift supervisors, production managers and employees always carry the precise HM8 wood moisture measuring instrument from Merlin Technology with them. "This allows you to adjust the density ranges depending on the type of wood and see immediately what's going on," said Handlos.

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