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Laballery & Merlin®

The print shop founded by the Laballery family in 1924 in Clamecy, France has specialised in monochrome books from the very beginning.

In order to create the best conditions for the printing process, Imprimerie Laballery chose a professional air humidification solution from Merlin Technology.

Humidification takes place in six different areas to create precisely the conditions required there. This enables perfect conditions to be established for the entire production process.

The conditions were discussed and the desired parameters defined on site with a personal adviser from merlin®. An optimal solution was thus created in a close exchange.

How it works: for dust-reduced process air and maximum hygiene standards, tap water is first softened and then demineralised in an osmosis system. The water then passes through the high-pressure system, in which the water is brought up to the required pressure, to the modules and is thus sprayed very finely.

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