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Liebherr & Merlin®

Merlin Technology's ORBIT WING high-pressure duct humidification system provides outstanding results in the painting of aircraft and helicopter landing gears.

Liebherr Aerospace manufactures systems for the aviation industry and focuses on quality. Because the paint systems used for chassis require a humidity of 40-70% for drying, air humidification is imperative. “Our air washers became more and more maintenance-intensive when it came to cleaning and contamination despite the use of biocides. Therefore we wanted a high-pressure humidification system without standing and circulating water. Merlin was the only supplier with infinitely variable control,” stresses Norbert Miksch, technologist for painting processes and systems.

Patented System (EP, RU)
Built-in wings in the patented ORBIT WING System in combination with the control system made it possible to massively shorten the evaporation distance to about 1.50 metres. “This solution was uncharted territory for us. After successful testing with a prototype, we retrofitted six more systems,” says Miksch, taking stock three years later in a notable way. “Flawless operation, annual maintenance cycle instead of 14 days, halved water consumption and no use of biocide at all. In addition, there is the pleasant side effect of being able to lower supply air temperatures in summer when the outside air is correspondingly dry through humidification,” stresses Miksch.

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