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Rekord Fenster & Merlin®

Increased productivity and well-being, reduced dust loads and waste: This is the conclusion drawn by Lagler Fenster & Türen GmbH, subsidiary of "Rekord Fenster", three years after putting the ALPHA air humidification system from Merlin Technology into operation.

Careful handling of wood is decisive for both the product quality and the success of Lagler Fenster & Türen GmbH. Even more important is a constant indoor climate in the storage and production halls. "Timber windows must have material moisture levels of 12 to 15 % when installed. Otherwise they draw moisture from the building shell and lose their functionality", explains production manager Christian Lindner. Since the ALPHA air humidification system from Merlin Technology went into operation, the investment has paid off. "We have observed a massive reduction in rejects, the wood is simply more resilient," confirms Lindner.

A bonus for man, material and machine
The workforce benefits from the air humidification system in a number of ways. "The dust is bound by the fine water particles and the temperature is reduced by 2 degrees at the height of summer. This climate is gentle on the throat," says the production manager. Lagler discovered Merlin Technology on the internet. "We were impressed by the references. Nearly every major furniture company relies on this brand", explains Lindner, before also underlining the faultless project implementation and extremely straightforward system operation.

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