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Roche & Merlin®

As the largest employer in Mannheim, Roche Pharma AG is at the forefront when it comes to improving healthcare. Roche Mannheim high-tech solutions are focused on the development, and manufacture of products that significantly improve the lives of patients. From treatments for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases to life-prolonging drugs for cancer. Employee health and wellbeing is a critical concern with office space and indoor air quality often taken for granted. With this in mind, Roche invested in the innovative Orbit Wing® high-pressure air humidification system from merlin®.

The solution: Innovative merlin® high-pressure air humidification

Roche followed their core competency and thoroughly researched humidification solutions. This research revealed that conventional steam humidifiers   have high energy consumption with the operating costs to match.  

While attending the ISH Frankfurt trade fair Roche's operating technicians met with merlin® and discussed the Orbit Wing solution and were impressed with its innovative solution. The high-pressure air humidification wensures that the relative humidity range can be controlled and maintained to a set point while reducing energy costs. In 2023, a patented Orbit Wing® AHU humidification system from merlin® was installed in the offices as a pilot system.

Roche in Mannheim will remain committed for the next 150 years, ensuring optimal working conditions for its employees and better healthcare for patients worldwide.

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