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Samson Druck & Merlin®

High-quality printed products are the core business of Samson Druck GmbH in Austria. Since switching to the merlin® ALPHA high-pressure air humidification system, a pleasant climate is felt not only in production, but also in the offices.

The high demands placed on quality printing require a constant room climate that can only be reliably achieved with modern air humidification systems. The complete package was what counted for Samson Druck GmbH when selecting a supplier. "We used to have a system, but we were no longer happy with the leasing arrangements. In our search for another provider, we came across Merlin Technology. The strong arguments put forward by managing director Johann Reisinger and project engineer Markus Karl convinced us", emphasises Günter Pfeifenberger, technical manager at Samson Druck.

Top climate for employees
Merlin Technology was responsible for the entire planning of the system. "The services provided and the project implementation were exemplary", says Pfeifenberger enthusiastically. The merlin® ALPHA high-pressure air humidification system has been in operation since the summer of 2020. "Humidified are the entire production, the warehouse and the offices, where the pleasant climate is clearly noticeable. The operation of the system is simple and intuitive", says the technical manager, who can recommend Merlin Technology for other reasons as well. "I like the design and function of the system. But, with projects like this, you also have to emphasise the expert advice and implementation", says Pfeifenberger.

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