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Schachermayer Linz & Merlin®

Everyone at Schachermayer can breathe a little easier thanks to air humidification system

Undulating floors, cracks, increased risk of fire, red eyes, itchy necks:  since the installation of a merlin® air humidification system, these issues are consigned to the past at the Schachermayer consultancy firm.               

“We can breathe deeply,” says Bernhard Hofer, retail sales manager at Schachmayer, quite relieved. His relief is easy to understand. Up until recently, the low humidity at the consultancy firm caused no end of issues. Significant undulations in the flooring, cracks in furniture, doors and stocks and also an increased risk of fire were the reality.

These issues are history now following the installation of the merlin® direct room humidification system.
“Damage and dust have all but disappeared and employees and visitors feel great,” confirmed Hofer.
Operational technology manager, Friedrich Habringer, is also satisfied with the outcome after the first season: “the merlin® system is easy to operate and runs smoothly”.
The interior climate at Schachermayer’s small offices is healthy thanks to the AIR-C60 devices from Merlin Technology. These devices combine an air purifier, humidifier and cleaner all rolled into one compact unit.

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