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Schösswender & Merlin®

After 113,000 operating hours spread over 13 years, the merlin® air-humidification system in the production facility at the Company Schösswender, based in Upper Austria, is still running like clockwork.

What an achievement!

For 13 years, a merlin® air-humidification system has been in operation at Schösswender, the dining-furniture specialist based in Franking, Upper Austria. After 113,000 operating hours, it is still running perfectly! The fact that only two pumps have been used since 2003 is equally remarkable, given that they have pumped some 7 million litres of water through the system in that time.

Compelling benefits

And what's the result? Schösswender’s plant manager Karl Brunner has been impressed with the performance: “Since installing the merlin® air humidification, product and job quality have noticeably increased, with complaints becoming the exception”. The Investment has also proved very economical, he adds. “An amortisation period of around a year was initially forecast for us. In reality, it was shorter even than that”, says Brunner.

Importance of air humidification

Schösswender's general manager Alfred Reindl underlines the importance of having air humidification in production. “As soon as we started manufacturing solid-wood furniture, we became aware that we needed to do something to ensure consistent quality in production.” Schösswender supplies domestic and international furniture dealers with modern, timeless but also rustic furniture – from entry-level solutions through to high-quality, individually designed corner benches.

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