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Spelunke & Merlin®

As with Klee am Hanslteich, restaurateur Werner Helnwein also swears by an air humidification system from Merlin Technology at Spelunke to provide his guests with a healthy climate.

Metre-high walls of records, graffiti look, stained wooden tables: The Spelunke restaurant on the Vienna Danube Canal is an eye-catcher in a class of its own. Its unique flair goes hand in hand with a wonderful climate, which is achieved using an air humidification system from Merlin Technology. "We once made a conscious decision to go for a high-quality product in Klee am Hanslteich and were not disappointed. The guests appreciate the climate and the humidification of the air also makes everyday work easier for the employees. With these experiences, it was clear that we could also rely on Merlin Technology at Spelunke," says Helnwein. While the air humidity on hot days at Klee am Hanslteich provides welcome cooling on the terrace, the humidity at Spelunke is constantly kept at a healthy level.

Up to 90 % electrical energy saving*
Merlin Technology air humidification systems always hit the target economically. You save up to 99 % electrical energy compared to electrical steam humidifiers. It is easy and logical to operate. "Once again, we are satisfied with the implementation of the project and can recommend Merlin Technology with a clear conscience," emphasises Helnwein.


* Compared to electrical steam humidifiers

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