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Steinert & Merlin®

Steinert GmbH develops sophisticated magnetic and state-of-the-art sensor technology for sorting valuable resources. In the interview, Dr. Alexander Khoury, Head of the Test Center at Steinert GmbH, talks about the benefits of merlin® air humidification for the health and occupational safety of employees.

An interview with Dr. Alexander Khoury, Head of Test Center at Steinert GmbH.

Which humidification system is in use?

ALPHA direct room humidification with water treatment

Where is humidification applied?

Several zones are humidified: In general, the entire 3.300 m² test center is humidified throughout the day using 11 AER 6 humidification units. These units are evenly distributed on the ceiling of the hall and are set to a target humidity level of 65 %.

In addition to the entire pilot plant hall, five other zones can be controlled individually as required. These zones are divided as follows: Feed hopper mining line, sorting line mining, feed hopper chute line, feed hopper scrap line and sorting line scrap. In these zones, spraying nozzles are located at the main emission points, which can be switched on as required with the aid of a remote control.

Why was it necessary to invest in a humidification system?

The first priority here is the health and safety of the employees. In addition to a "classic" exhaust air filtration system, the merlin® air humidification system is designed to collect dust particles from the air in the hall in order to clean the air as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Since the test center is first and foremost a large "showroom" where our customers from all over the world can experience sorting trials with their material on our sorting machines, it is of course necessary to offer them the most pleasant stay possible. And this includes creating a pleasant, low-dust climate.

A positive side effect is that the climate in the hall has become more comfortable, especially in the summer months, thanks to water atomization and constantly controlled humidity.

What effects have you felt since the humidification system was put into operation?

The air is quickly cleaned during dusty tests and is also visually clearer. In addition, the system cools the hall noticeably at high outside temperatures.

Why would you recommend merlin®?

merlin® air humidification is very efficient for dust control, easy to install and maintain, the operating and investment costs are comparatively low, and the space requirement is very small. In addition, extensions of the system are possible without any problems.

What else would you like to tell us?

We are very satisfied with the merlin® system and will connect more areas in the test center to the system in the future.

Website: www.steinertglobal.com

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