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Weltmuseum Wien & Merlin®

What will the Belvedere and the Weltmuseum Wien have in common in the future? Visitors will be able to breathe air that has been humidified by Merlin Technology throughout!

Shortly before completion of the project at the Belvedere Castle, Merlin Technology received its next large order. The Weltmuseum Wien is undergoing a renovation and making itself fit for the future. When it once again reopens its doors in autumn 2017, providing all manner of wonders and discoveries, tourists from all around the world will be able to enjoy the best possible climate. This is soon to be provided by 24 air humidification systems supplied by Merlin Technology. "In the future, ten ultrasonic air humidification systems will ensure a constant level of basic moisture in the exhibition areas", explained Franz Schrems, Technical Manager at Merlin Technology.

An additional challenge is the partly draughty rooms and windows that are protected as a result of them belonging to a listed building. The solution is also being provided by Merlin Technology. "We are compensating for the loss of humidity experienced by using fourteen decentralised rotation lamella air humidifiers", revealed Schrems. The good air will not only do the visitors good, it is also beneficial to the valuable exhibits. The first components will be delivered at the beginning of May.

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