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St. Stephen's Cathedral & Merlin®

Valuable altars, sculptures and musical instruments are protected from dehydration and damage with the VISCORE air humidification system from Merlin.

With the installation of our VISCORE direct room humidification, the solution to a serious problem has been found in the world-famous landmark of Vienna. “During the heating period, the relative humidity in St. Stephen’s Cathedral drops to below 45 percent on cold days. This results in a climate which causes extreme drying out of the wooden altars, sculptures and musical instruments. With the air humidification system from Merlin Technology, we can protect these valuable items from long-term damage.”, emphasises the cathedral’s master builder Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Zehetner.

With a total of 18 nozzle sections and two sensors, the entire cathedral is humidified and a consistent room climate is achieved. As soon as it is becomes dry, a fine spray is produced. “We will no longer have to reduce the heating downstairs to 7 degrees during the coming winter, which also has a positive effect on the well-being of the visitors”, says Zehetner.

The cathedral master builder is impressed with the investment. “The price was simply right, the project implementation worked and the easily operated system does the job”.

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