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Porschehof Salzburg & Merlin®

A hybrid version of Merlin Technology’s high pressure duct humidifier ORBIT WING® was installed at Porschehof Salzburg. This system addresses several issues simultaneously.

Up to 98 % evaporation efficiency*, up to 99 % electrical energy saving** compared to conventional steam humidification and 50 % reduced evaporation distance: even the standard version of the ORBIT WING® high pressure duct humidifier features some rather impressive key figures. Merlin Technology took this another step further for Porschehof Salzburg. A single pump station that is equipped with two nozzle holders (1 x incoming air, 1 x outgoing air) allows for air humidification and cooling via a single system. “In summer the outgoing air is cooled by means of adiabatic humidification and the incoming air is cooled indirectly via a rotation heat exchanger. An additional influx of moisture is therefore prevented, and we can achieve a very high cooling performance that would not be possible otherwise. Ideally pre-cooled air is therefore introduced into the building in summer, and in winter the air humidification system provides for a pleasant and healthy room climate," explains Franz Schrems, Technical Manager at Merlin Technology.

“I am really impressed with the system”
All offices of the extension building “D” at Porschehof Salzburg are now supplied with fresh air and professional-quality air humidification. Complaints by staff members about dry air are now a thing of the past. Horst Prodinger, project leader Building Technology with Porsche Immobilien GmbH is rather taken with the hybrid solution. “I am really impressed with the system. The technology by Merlin Technology allows for the humidification unit and the ventilation unit to be set up separately. The infrastructure for adiabatic cooling and for humidification in winter is the same, and both modes of operation can be used with little effort involved. So the decision in favour of Merlin Technology was very easy. I especially like the switch-over feature from winter to summer mode,” says Prodinger based on first experience values. “From a test run we performed when the system was put into operation, we know that we can achieve 10k cooling.”

Reduced energy input
Prodinger expects that the Merlin ORBIT WING® system will improve energy efficiency. “The amount of energy needed to cool the air should be largely covered by adiabatic cooling, so this should be a very low-priced energy source. With regard to sustainability and cost control, this is an opportunity to reduce the energy input for cooling – especially when combined with ventilation. When choosing technology, we attach ever more importance to life-cycle costs, and this is one more reason for using the Merlin system,” explains the project leader Building Technology of Porsche Immobilien GmbH.

Simply comprehensive
The simple installation design and further features also speak in favour of the Merlin ORBIT WING® system, according to Prodinger. “The system is equipped with comprehensive on-board functions. Aspects such as water hygiene, legionella bacteria prevention and a simple embedding into a central regulatory environment are also covered. And the pre-defined control features even allow for easy upgrading of the system,” Prodinger points out.


*With the patented ORBIT WING® humidification system
** Compared to electric steam humidification

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