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Weitzer Parkett & Merlin®

The Styrian company is once again impressed with Merlin Technology, thanks to the precise and non-destructive wood moisture measurement, as well as the ease of use of the HM9 series.

Weitzer Parkett has been a faithful customer of the family-run company from the Innviertel region for over 20 years now. “Merlin Technology is an Austrian manufacturer with reliable and stable product quality, and performs a technological pioneering role in air humidification systems and wood moisture meters”, says Martin Karner, technical director at Weitzer Parkett. By investing in the HM9 series from Merlin Technology, the company has taken the next step towards even greater efficiency. “Material input accounts for the highest share in our calculations. This makes non-destructive measurement even more important, to avoid losing good material”, adds Karner.

Assurance for production and field sales
At Weitzer Parkett, the HM9 units provide added assurance on a number of levels. “In production we measure the moisture of our 2 millimetre thick spruce veneers, whilst field sales uses the HM9 on finished and installed parquet”, says the technical director, who is well aware just how vital precise measurement results are. “Only in this way is it possible to optimally harmonise the process materials and prevent the warping of bonded elements. And precision is also essential for quality assurance of the finished products, in order that rapid measurement offers an advantage over a kiln drying sample”.

Preprogrammed wood groups and calibration function
Working with the HM9 units is not only simple in terms of menu guidance and operation. “The characteristic selection is also extremely practical”, explains Karner. The same applies to the preprogrammed wood groups and the calibration function. The new HM9-DUO from Merlin Technology with double sensor as a global innovation enables the measurement of narrow to very wide wooden workpieces.

About Weitzer Parkett
Weitzer Parkett, as a core brand of the Weitzer group, is Austria’s market leader in the production and distribution of parquet floors and wooden staircases. The family-run company, which was founded in 1831, counts among Europe’s leading parquet manufacturers and sells its quality products around the world.

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