High-pressure humidification

MICRO DROP technology from merlin®

Humidification at its best! All merlin® high-pressure humidification systems come with our MICRO DROP technology for extremely fine atomization. This means that the water will be finely atomized on the ceiling (in the case of direct room humidification) or in a ventilation shaft (in the case of duct humidification).

The two types of high-pressure humidification

1. Direct room humidification

The merlin® ALPHA and VISCORE humidification systems are used when the room has to be directly humidified. In this case, the MICRO DROP technology transfers the treated water via a high-pressure network to innovative humidification units. These units are installed on the ceiling or the wall where they emit finely vaporized water into the room.

Direct room humidification
Fig. Heat distribution

Central control units use humidity sensors to regulate the on and off times for the humidification. Every merlin® humidification system is designed to exactly meet your requirements and can be readily integrated into existing rooms, and also be extended when needed. It can usually be installed without interrupting normal operation.

Your benefits:

  • Functional modular design
  • Variable humidification system
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • High operational safety
  • High hygiene standard
  • Self-assembly possible with VISCORE
  • Easy handling
  • Visualization and data storage on PC possible
  • Individual interface to building control systems

2. Duct humidification

The patented* merlin® humidification system ORBIT WING® can easily be integrated into existing ventilation and air conditioning systems. Together with humidity sensors and automatic control system, it delivers efficient and economical humidification.

merlin® humidification system ORBIT WING®
Fig. Orbit Wing

The patented* ORBIT WING® elements make it possible to specify the aerosol swirling on the separation edge. The aerosol flies in a circle, flying longer for a shorter distance. This results in extremely short evaporation distances, which has proven to be highly hygienic and particularly space-saving.

* Patented (EP, RU)

Your benefits:

  • Up to 98 % evaporation efficiency (With the patented ORBIT WING® humidification system)
  • Up to 99 % electrical energy saving (Compared to electric steam humidifiers)
  • Modular design for easiest installation
  • Can be integrated into almost every ventilation or air conditioning system
  • No chemicals used to maintain the water quality
  • Patented* combination of step control and pressure regulation
  • Minimum maintenan