duct humidification

For integration in ventilation and air conditioning systems

The merlin® air humidification system CORBIT can easily be integrated into existing ventilation and air conditioning systems. Together with humidity sensors and automatic control system, it delivers efficient and economical air humidification.

The patented ORBIT WING® elements make it possible to specify the aerosol swirling on the separation edge. The aerosol flies in a circle, flying longer for a shorter distance. This results in extremely short evaporation diestances, which has proven to be highly hygienic and particularly space-saving.

*Patented (EP, RU)

Your benefits

  • Up to 98 % evaporation efficiency (With the patented ORBIT WING® humidification system)
  • Up to 99 % electrical energy saving (Compared to electric steam humidifiers)
  • Minimal energy consumption of only 2.5 watts
  • No chemicals used to maintain the water quality
  • Minimal loss of pressure thanks to optimal droplet separator (40 Pa at 2 m/s)
  • Modular design for easiest installation
  • Can be integrated into any ducy system (can be replaced an retrofitted)
  • Patented* combination of step control and pressure regulation
  • High level of reliability and safety
  • All water-bearing components are made of anti-corrosive V2A stainless steel or food-tested plastics
  • Fine water filtration, dry-running and heat protection
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Short evaporation distance (-50 %)
  • Frequency-controlled water hydraulic pump