duct humidification

For integration in ventilation and air conditioning systems

The patented* merlin® air humidification system ORBIT WING® can easily be integrated into existing ventilation and air conditioning systems. Together with humidity sensors and automatic control system, it delivers efficient and economical air humidification.

The patented ORBIT WING® elements make it possible to specify the aerosol swirling on the separation edge. The aerosol flies in a circle, flying longer for a shorter distance. This results in extremely short evaporation diestances, which has proven to be highly hygienic and particularly space-saving.

*Patented (EP, RU)

Your benefits

  • Up to 98 % evaporation efficiency (With the patented* ORBIT WING® humidification system)
  • Up to 99 % electrical energy saving (Compared to electric steam humidifiers)
  • Minimal energy consumption of only 2.5 watts
  • No chemicals used to maintain the water quality
  • Minimal loss of pressure thanks to optimal droplet separator (40 Pa at 2 m/s)
  • Modular design for easiest installation
  • Can be integrated into any ducy system (can be replaced an retrofitted)
  • Patented* combination of step control and pressure regulation
  • High level of reliability and safety
  • All water-bearing components are made of anti-corrosive V2A stainless steel or food-tested plastics
  • Fine water filtration, dry-running and heat protection
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Short evaporation distance (-50 %)
  • Frequency-controlled water hydraulic pump (oil and maintenance free)

Air humidification and cooling from a single system!

The new 2-in-1 ORBIT WING® hybrid system from Merlin Technology establishes the best climate for man, materials and the environment, both in summer and in winter. A complete solution with tested hygiene guarantees maximum safety.

In addition to the existing ORBIT WING® duct humidification system, the ORBIT WING® Hybrid is now also in operation. This 2-in-1 system enables adiabatic cooling in summertime and air humidification in wintertime. ORBIT WING® hybrid – the efficient and flexible system that can be easily integrated into any duct.