Water treatment

The merlin® hygiene principle

A clean business! All merlin® humidification systems work with perfectly filtered and hygienically safe water. Depending on requirements, the water passes through a filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis, and disinfection unit. You can rest assured that merlin® humidification systems always provide maximum process reliability, efficiency, and hygiene.

Your benefits:

  • Individual water treatment
  • Hygienically absolutely safe
  • Easy installation
  • Modular design
  • No chemicals used to maintain the water quality (with the exception of online disinfection)
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast amortization

Filtration unit

The water filter combination, including integrated water counter, prevents the particles and suspended solids in the feed water from entering our humidification systems. The filtration unit consists of coarse filtration that can be cleaned by backwashing and subsequent fine filtration – for absolutely reliable protection.

Water treatment unit

To prevent scaling on the high-quality system parts and atomizer jets, water softening is added upstream. An ion exchange process will be used to bring the water that has already been cleaned in the filtration unit to 0° German hardness. Different systems will be used to meet the individual requirements and needs of customers.

Reverse osmosis unit

The reverse osmosis unit is used to demineralize water and is an indispensable part of the overall humidification system in all areas where the presence of minerals is undesired (e.g. pressure and painting applications).

Filtered and also softened water is pressed through a membrane. The result is pure water, the residues are washed down the drain. The special advantage of reverse osmosis is that in addition to removing dissolved minerals, it also separates out bacteria, germs, particles, and dissolved organic substances.

Reverse osmosis units with different liter capacities are integrated into the overall project based on customer-specific requirements. Reverse osmosis can also be used for process water (e.g. for printing machines).


To guarantee the hygiene in the merlin® humidification systems, either a selective disinfection process or an online disinfection process is implemented.

Selective disinfection

Softened water or reverse osmosis water is conveyed under a UV lamp, exposing it to UV light. This renders any existing bacteria, viruses, etc. harmless.

Online disinfection

For online disinfection of the entire humidification system, merlin® uses, for example, the additive chlorine dioxide. Continually adding small amounts of this additive ensures that the entire humidification system – from the feed water to the atomizer nozzle – is kept perfectly hygienic at all times.