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Engagement in associations

More than a third of all Austrians are members of a club. Along with sports clubs, musical societies or organizations, such as volunteer fire departments or emergency medical services, you can also start your own club with low barriers to entry. The main focuses are common interests and social gatherings. Did you know that …

… the first Austrian club was founded in 1819?

… there are more than 125,000 clubs and associations in Austria?

… in Germany there are seven clubs for every thousand inhabitants and in Austria there are 16 clubs for every thousand inhabitants.

… the club with the most members (more than 2.2 million) is the ÖAMTC?

… the Red Cross is in second place with more than a million members and the Austrian Alpine Association is in third place with more than 545,000 members?

… all that is required to establish a club is a form, two persons over 14 years old, an idea and maximum membership dues of 42.6 €?

… the sport with the largest membership is soccer?

… the Alpine Associations are increasing their membership in the cities?

… clubs play a significant role for social cohesion?

… without emergency medical services, volunteer fire departments or environmental associations as well as the numerous volunteers our social life would not be possible?


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