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Verification by external experts

External expert report provides impressive confirmation of hygiene

Independent inspections

We at merlin® accept no compromise when it comes to the hygiene of our products. We play it safe for our customers with regular and independent inspections of our air humidification systems by external experts.

Hygienic-microbiological equivalence with steam humidification
A recently written hygiene specialist medical report by assistant professor Dr. Florian Daxböck once again reinforces our path. The specialist for clinical microbiology and hygiene examined our ORBIT WING® duct humidification system in a hospital in Upper Austria and certified that it is hygienically and microbiologically equivalent to steam humidification. High-pressure spray humidification has significantly lower energy consumption and operating costs in comparison to steam humidification. Daxböck confirms that the hygiene standards in health care and ÖNORM H6020 as well as our hygiene management per VDI 6022 are met.

Germ reduction on surfaces and in the room air
In cooperation with the FH OÖ [Upper Austria university of applied sciences] campus in Wels, our aerosol disinfection zeroXR-S became the focus of an expert report by Professor Alexander Jäger [Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c.]. The germ reduction of 50 to 80 % on surfaces and in the room air could be verified. The greatest effectiveness was found on the surfaces of the aerated test object.

NOW: Up to 20 % savings on your current offer
The Austrian Federal Government is supporting COVID-related business investments with up to 14% of the investment costs until the end of February 2021. We at merlin® would also like to make a contribution and will give an additional 6 % discount on your currently valid offer until 28.2.2021, independent of the "aws investment premium" [funding from the Austrian promotional bank]. You can thus save up to 20 %!

That means: Now is the right time to invest. We look forward to a discussing this with you!

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