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Industry, private households, commerce and traffic: they all need energy. Until recently, these needs were covered for the most part by the combustion of coal, gas and oil.

In addition to these fossil fuels, biomass and renewable energies are also available. When there are no longer sufficient quantities of energy reserves, this is referred to as an energy crisis.Did you know that …

… the world's largest consumers of energy are China, the USA and India?

… fossil energy resources will be exhausted sooner or later?

… climate change is accelerating the energy crisis?

… the development of alternative energy sources is a decisive factor in the sustainable securing of energy reserves?

… the share of renewable energies in Austria in 2020 was around 78 %?

… the annual electricity consumption in Austria in 2020 was around 65.1 terawatt hours?

... heating accounts for more than 70 % of household energy costs on average?

… a reduction of the heating temperature by just 1 °C can save up to 6 % of the heating costs?

... a lot of heat is lost via windows that don't shut tightly? Windows should shut as tightly as possible to avoid heating the outside.

... intermittent ventilation not only improves the room climate, but also lowers heating costs compared with continuous ventilation with tilted windows? Hint: the room should be aired for a few minutes every three hours.


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