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Borgers Ohio & Merlin®

Borgers Ohio relies on merlin® air humidification. Our next showcase project in the USA is on track! Borgers Ohio, Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality luggage compartment linings and textile wheel arch liners for General Motors in Norwalk for three years. Here, natural fibres – that become brittle if the air is too dry – are processed.

Our humidification system will reliably solve not only this problem in the future. The new and constant climate at Borgers Ohio reduces the static electricity on the high-performance machines, thus also prolonging their service lives. At the same time, the dust caused by production is significantly reduced. This means that the purchase will pay for itself in less than 6 months! merlin® air humidification is not only good for machines and materials. "The workforce at Borgers Ohio benefits from a healthy feel-good climate in the workplace at any time of the year. Experience has shown that this also reduces the sickness rates," says merlin® Vice President Dominik Reisinger, who manages our business in the USA.

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