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Fischer Sports & Merlin®

An interview with Manfred Machl, Production Manager NORDIC at Fischer Sports.

Air humidification system:

ALPHA high pressure air humidification

Where do you humidify?

In the wedge and ski production

Why did it become necessary to invest in an air humidification system?

Investment in an air humidification system became necessary in order to prevent the processed veneers from drying out. The humidity must be kept within a defined range when processing veneers, because if the wood dries out, it causes cracks and waviness in the product. The consequences are rework or scrap.

What effects have you noticed since putting the air humidification system into operation?

In collaboration with Merlin Technology, the production area was equipped with a humidification system. This made it possible to regulate the humidity and ultimately to achieve a stable production process. The commissioning of the merlin® air humidification system has thus resulted in a stabilisation or rather a more homogeneous wood moisture content in the production area.

About Manfred Machl:

Manfred Machl is Production Manager in the NORDIC segment.

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