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Fritz Kohl Concepts & Merlin®

In today's business world, where quality and efficiency are crucial, the company Fritz Kohl Concepts GmbH from Karlstadt has successfully established itself as a pioneer in the production of high-quality veneers made from natural materials, particularly in the automotive industry. An essential part of their success lies in the advanced technology of material combinations. The manufacturing process of high-quality veneers is extremely complex, with precious time and money invested in every step. merlin® air humidification in particular has proven to be an indispensable component in ensuring optimum humidity conditions, thus maximizing their end products' production and quality.

Perfect humidity level

Air humidification is achieved utilizing the merlin® ALPHA direct-room humidification system in both the production and storage areas. Constant and optimum-humidity levels in the production area are of particular importance in the application of adhesives. Precise humidity control is essential to ensure that both raw materials and finished goods maintain a moisture content of 8 %, which is optimal for adhesive processing. This not only makes the air cleaner, but also reduces sick leave, which improves the working environment for employees.

“merlin® was chosen because of its outstanding technology, reliability and the manufacturer's extensive expertise. We always had competent contacts during the quotation and the pre-planning phase, which also played a decisive role in the decision-making process. I am very satisfied, keep up the good work!", explains ppa. Georg Rombach, Head of Production and Development at Fritz Kohl Concepts GmbH.

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