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Sparkasse OÖ & Merlin®

An interview with Franz Ortner, responsible for facility management at Sparkasse OÖ.

Humidification system
ORBIT WING® duct humidification with zeroX disinfection unit

Which areas are humidified?
Offices in the Sparkassen Business Center in Linz-Urfahr

Why did the purchase of an air humidification system become necessary?
Our Sparkassen Business Center in Linz-Urfahr has been one of the central administration buildings of Sparkasse OÖ for years. In the winter months, we did not achieve the required level of relative humidity due to the lower outside air humidity and the room heating. Emergency remedies such as small decentralized room humidifiers did not bring the desired success. Therefore, we decided to invest in the central humidification system from merlin®.

What effects have you felt since the humidification system was put into operation?
Relative indoor humidity has normalized since the system was put into operation and is now within a comfortable range even during dry winter months.

Why would you recommend merlin®?
Starting with a pleasant contact, competent planning, professional handling and installation up to commissioning, training and handover, the whole project was well supervised and technically implemented on the latest state of the art.

What else would you like to tell us?
Should the requirement for a humidification system arise in further buildings, we will be happy to approach merlin® again.

About Franz Ortner’s position
Franz Ortner works in facility management at Sparkasse OÖ and is primarily responsible for technical matters.

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