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VP Brands International & Merlin®

A whisky is stored at VP Brands for three years until it reaches its delicious maturity. In order to keep the alcohol content, quality and volume of the precious drops high, the Bulgarian producer decided to take an ingenious step after visiting a trade fair in Sofia.

With the purchase and commissioning of our VISCORE air humidification system at two locations, VP Brands has demonstrably succeeded in maintaining the humidity in the large warehouses at a constant 80 to 85 % instead of 40 %. This prevents the otherwise usual evaporation of the whisky and the profit goes up thanks to higher volumes. “When considering the storage period of three years, VP Brands can expect savings that clearly exceed the five-digit mark”, assures Merlin Technology Managing Director Johann Reisinger. Not to mention the top quality and value of the whisky.

Because the investment in air humidification systems from Merlin Technology paid off so quickly, VP Brands is already planning further projects. “Our terrific distribution partner Dominov Konsumativ keeps his eye on the ball over there,” says Reisinger.

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