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Werba-Chem & Merlin®

At Werba-Chem GmbH in Vienna, teary eyes below 20 % humidity in offices are a thing of the past. The ALPHA high-pressure humidification system from Merlin Technology has been providing a healthy and pleasant indoor climate since 2014.

The offices in the chemical trading company Werba-Chem are panelled with wood. "In the heating period the air humidity fell to a drastic level of less than 20 % and the installation of variable air humidifiers did not bring any relief", reports managing director Vera Wohlgemuth. As a result, the decision was made to install a modern air humidification system. Merlin Technology came out on top against its competitors in this regard. "Merlin Technology offered the better and more flexible solution due to the difficult structural conditions and the subsequent installation," says Wohlgemuth. Four years after the commissioning of the Alpha system, Werba-Chem is taking stock. "The room climate for the employees has improved considerably," says the managing director. Merlin boss Johann Reisinger confirmed: "A constant air humidity has been proven to increase well-being and enhance performance".

90 % energy savings
With Merlin Technology's Alpha system, each zone can be individually regulated, controlled and humidified. The energy saving potential is enormous and amounts to around 90 % compared to steam humidifiers. The technically perfect nozzles ensure the finest atomisation of the water with an aerosol size of 11 microns. A unique feature is the safety circuitry that prevents overhumidification. "The humidification system is reliable and easy to operate. But we can also recommend Merlin Technology because of their excellent service," emphasises Wohlgemuth.

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