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Zukunftspark+ Tulln & Merlin®

New life was breathed into the site of the abandoned Goldmann printing works in Tulln in a revitalisation project. Aerovent and Merlin Technology from Upper Austria were also involved – they ensure a pleasant room climate in the building complex.

The site of the former Goldmann printing works on Königstetter Strasse in Tulln has a total area of 45,000 m², of which 20,000 m² are taken up by factory halls and 5,000 m² by offices. Sufficient space, therefore, to offer different companies a new home.

Fifty of the newly created jobs are allottable to AMS, which has taken up residence in the Zukunftspark+. The people there know that overly dry room air and work in a call centre don't go together. And, of course, the people at Merlin Technology know that, too: "If the air is too dry, the mucous membranes are affected and dry out. As a consequence of that, absenteeism due to sickness can increase because it is easier for bacteria and germs to attach themselves to dry mucous membranes", explains Stefan Schneebauer, who is responsible for technical sales at Merlin Technology. In order to prevent that, the company has installed a humidification system for direct room humidification in the AMS offices in the Zukunftspark+. "Above all in the dry winter months, this can have a pleasant effect on the room climate, where rather dry air is usually found in heated interior rooms and the humidity can quickly drop below 20 percent. Due to the humidification system, however, the humidity is constantly kept at a level of between 40 and 60 percent", Schneebauer continues. Ewald Chromy, local manager of the AMS-ServiceLine, is convinced of the effect of the system: "We have reduced our absenteeism due to sickness by 50 percent. The typical call centre illnesses, for instance throat and voice problems such as hoarseness, are things of the past, apart from isolated cases of course", says a happy Chromy and he goes on: "The system even helps people with neurodermatitis and those who have very dry skin because it keeps the humidity constant here." However, the direct room humidification not only keeps the humidity constant at a healthy level, but also functions in summer as adiabatic cooling at the same time, in other words: it helps to climatise the room air with evaporative cooling.

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