zeroXR aerosol disinfection

Mobile stand-alone system with ultrasonic humidification

The portable ultrasonic humidification system zeroXR offers a quick and location-independent room disinfection or can also be used as a conventional humidifier.

zeroXR in action

zeroXR instruction

merlin® at Schachermayer

Troubles begone

Undulating floors, cracks, increased risk of fire, red eyes, itchy necks:  since the installation of a merlin® air humidification system, these issues are consigned to the past at the Schachermayer consultancy firm.

merlin® at Schösswender Möbel

Dining-Furniture pros clear the air with climate control

After 113,000 operating hours spread over 13 years, the merlin® air-humidification system in the production facility at the Company Schösswender, based in Upper Austria, is still running like clockwork.

For integration in ventilation and air conditioning systems

ORBIT WING® duct humidification

In the new patented* ORBIT WING® humidification system, the air is humidified by MICRO DROP high-performance nozzles directly inside the duct. Unlike the ALPHA and VISCORE direct room humidification systems, this system does not require any humidification units on the ceiling or wall.
* patented (EP, RU)