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Not just any humidification solution: CORBIT duct humidification with patented ORBIT WING® technology scores all along the line in terms of installation, handling and performance!

A career at merlin® offers diverse opportunities for development. With us, apprentices in particular receive first-class training and are integrated into all working processes right from the outset.

FAB ProWork is a non-profit organisation that establishes the conditions for successful and lasting professional integration for people seeking work through qualification, employment, counselling and support.

Merlin Technology provides regular support to sheltered workshops. With FAB ProWork Ried, a partnership has been established that has been beneficial to both parties since 1996.

The new 2-in-1 ORBIT WING® Hybrid system from Merlin Technology establishes the best climate for man, materials and the environment, both in summer and in winter. A complete solution with tested hygiene guarantees maximum safety.

Vaccinations are one of the most effective measures available in preventative healthcare. Vaccinations are always advisable when the risk of contracting a certain infectious disease is higher than the risk of vaccination. Did you know that …

At merlin® we encourage our employees and support them in their professional careers. Not only our employees benefit from this, but also merlin® through a highly trained Merlin team.

Merlin Technology introduces a new face – polarising, motivating and inspiring. The façade of the merlin® building has been redesigned in collaboration with the artists from “TWOOO”.

Even in times of crisis, merlin® is not only presenting the new façade, but is taking another positive step. Luca Haala, a sales colleague based in Vienna, is a new member of the merlin® team.

Independent inspections by external experts have provided impressive confirmation that our merlin® air humidification systems meet the hygiene requirements.

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Air humidity is a decisive factor for the spread of the corona virus. This has been proven by a study by the Indian-German TROPOS Institute, among others.