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The first InnoCamp36 took place at the Steyr campus of the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences in 2013. The concept has proven its worth and is underlined by innovative solutions and ideas. This year we were represented for the first time as Team merlin®.

An interview with Manfred Machl, Production Manager NORDIC.

The demand for paper has been in decline for years, but since recently the resource has been more in demand than ever before. However, it is in short supply and the existing demand cannot be covered. What is the reason for this problem and what consequences can the consumer expect?

Franz Ortner, responsible for facility management at Sparkasse OÖ, talks about his experience with the merlin® air humidification system in an interview.

For over 20 years we’ve been sponsoring sports, with a special emphasis on tennis and soccer. Now we are also a proud sponsor of the Union Volleyball Club Ried. We are looking forward to thrilling, edge-of-the-seat matches in the coming season.

More than a third of all Austrians are members of a club. Along with sports clubs, musical societies or organizations, such as volunteer fire departments or emergency medical services, you can also start your own club with low barriers to entry. The main focuses are common interests and social gatherings.

With the "Smiley Clips", merlin® is launching a new series of short videos in which customers discuss their experiences with merlin® air humidification.

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, numerous trade fairs and major events have been cancelled. As measures relax and the vaccine roll-out continues, live trade fairs are coming to the fore again. However, these events need to reinvent themselves due to sustainability and the environment.

At the beginning of April, a total of 23 merlin® employees and partners completed the VDI 6022 hygiene training course in accordance with category A/B. Topics relating to hygiene for air conditioning systems were trained over two days.

It is already known that air humidification reduces electrostatic charge, but this has now been confirmed once again by means of a risk analysis on the subject of “Electrostatic safety properties of a workplace”.

The documentary “Seaspiracy” is one of the most popular films on the Netflix streaming platform at the moment. It shows the impact of commercial fishing on our oceans and provides some food for thought in the process. Did you know that...

Not just any humidification solution: CORBIT® duct humidification with patented ORBIT WING® technology scores all along the line in terms of installation, handling and performance!