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The airborne transmission of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 via aerosol particles in indoor environment seems to be strongly influenced by relative humidity.

Since the commissioning of our VISCORE system, a Bulgarian whisky producer has been able to enjoy a steady indoor climate and more profit.

Hygiene and cleanliness are in our DNA! Individual customer service and consistent development work are therefore all the more important to us.

“Stop talking, start acting” is not only the name of this section, but also the standard we at Merlin Technology set for ourselves every day.

The merlin® aerosol-disinfection technology offers two new, hygienic solutions for several applications: zeroX and zeroXR

Using aerosols combined with a disinfectant, is an effective way of disinfecting an entire room in a homogeneous manner.

Our non-destructive wood moisture meters have gained a long-term reputation for precision and economy. The Japanese test procedure JAS has now impressively confirmed the quality of this series.

But what is sustainable really? When the maintenance interval of a high pressure pump increases more than 7-fold from an original average of 700 hours. This facilitates maintenance just once per year. Yes, you read correctly ...

Today we are taking a look at textiles, and revealing to you that Audi demonstrated an average fuel consumption of 1.76 litres per 100 km with a diesel car 30 years ago.

Anyone within our company who tackles things and contributes to providing the best customer solutions with enthusiasm has excellent prospects

Valuable altars, sculptures and musical instruments are protected from dehydration and damage with the VISCORE air humidification system from Merlin.

Under our popular heading, we are now taking a look at plastic, paper and cotton bags, and revealing how each of us can take action with regard to the environment.