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Our business is solutions matched perfectly to our customers! Porschehof Salzburg now also benefits from this in a number of ways.

We can claim a lot about ourselves, but we prefer to let our customers speak plainly. In this issue of "Magic News", the Russian large-scale printer MDM Printing offers their insights.

This new section in "Magic News" will wake you up and motivate you to act in an environmentally friendly way.

For years, Scheucher Holzindustrie has benefited from a constantly good indoor climate and has invested time and again in our air humidification systems due to their firm belief in them.

The results of the "Healthy air – Healthy eye" project show the consequences that very dry indoor air can have on the health of office employees.

Some facts from our popular column show how human our world is over a year.

The need for air humidification was presented descriptively to our stand visitors at renowned leading trade fairs.

20 years ago, our company founder, Johann Reisinger, decided to cooperate with sheltered workshops: "It was a heart-felt decision that I have never regretted."

Behind us lies one of the hottest summers since weather records began. The high temperatures certainly also have positive effects on people and nature. Did you know that ...

Enthusiastic merlin® customers are the tireless driving force behind our daily work.

Our next showcase project in the USA is on track!

Spring is an unbelievable force and provides movement in the natural world. Did you actually know that in spring ...