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A high-ranking delegation of visitors was invited by our Japanese dealer to our company headquarters, and they were especially interested in one special measurement technology.


In terms of trade fairs, 2018 started off both intensely and successfully for us, and the next innovative presentations are coming right up.

Air in the workplace and at home that is too dry can make you ill. Air humidification is not a LUXURY, but a NECESSITY!

As already announced in the last newsletter, today you will find out more about the founding of Merlin Technology Inc.!

The constant growth of the company requires the expansion of our team.
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We wish you a joyful festive season and an especially good atmosphere for the coming year!

When dealers and partners from all over the world meet at our company headquarters for training sessions, together we can conquer the market.

The Interclima + elec trade fair impressively proves that well thought out building technology no longer bypasses modern air humidifier systems.

People do so much good and help in emergencies.
Did you know that ...

It is a known fact that calm is the source of strength. Far Eastern traditions have also known this for a long time.
Did you know that …

The evaluations of our feedback questionnaire and enthusiastic correspondence overwhelmingly confirm that customer satisfaction is embodied by merlin®.

Air washer, air humidifier and air cleaner combined in a single unit - is that possible?
YES, if the product comes from merlin®.