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Dramatic! We have tested how far the relative air humidity in passenger aircraft can fall for you at close quarters. You will find the fascinating result here.

MERLIN® Technology is once again raising the bar for the market. Our new EVO series impresses with a whole range of innovations and benefits.

Regardless of whether it is fruit, vegetables or meat – the MERLIN® FINESSE ultrasonic humidification system keeps foodstuffs fresh and presentable for longer.

Today, in our popular column, we point out the remarkable power and effect of adiabatic cooling.

MERLIN® Technology received top-level questions at the Drupa and sprayed the best climate at the trade fair stands of renowned global brands.

In today's column you can read about a creature living in the Mediterranean Sea that can live forever.

Thanks to its quality, innovative spirit and cooperation, MERLIN® Technology is heading in the direction of market leadership.

Want to make sure the climate at home and at work is healthy? Then read on and get in touch!

With honest, reliable work and a spirit of innovation to a technological market leader.

The compact AIR-C60 gives great air quality results for homes and small offices. So everyone can enjoy a breath of fresh air – including allergy sufferers!

Our customer service team has doubled in size in two years and provides reliability for customers throughout Europe.

Open your hearts and not just your wallets!
Our column 'The world watches open-mouthed' shows that the world could significantly improve the way it responds to difficult situations, such as the current ...