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merlin® provides perfect climate for companies all over the world.

Merlin Technology

An interview with Franz Ortner, responsible for facility management at Sparkasse OÖ.

Merlin Technology

The positive experiences of the Austrian company LASER & more show how valuable a modern air humidification system can be for a healthy working climate in production and in the office.

Merlin Technology

Since switching to the merlin® ALPHA high-pressure air humidification system, a pleasant climate is felt not only in production, but also in the offices.

Merlin Technology

Optimum climate for man, materials & the environment now also at the HTL Bau und Design in Linz.

Wood moisture meter HM9

The Styrian company is once again impressed with Merlin Technology, thanks to the precise and non-destructive wood moisture measurement, as well as the ease of use of the HM9 series.

Merlin Technology

With the help of the ALPHA high-pressure air humidification system from Merlin Technology, it has been possible to stop costly material rejects in the production halls.

Merlin Technology

Increased productivity and well-being, reduced dust loads and waste: This is the conclusion drawn by Lagler Fenster & Türen GmbH, subsidiary of "Rekord Fenster", three years after putting the ALPHA air humidification system...

Air humidification - a blessing for St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Valuable altars, sculptures and musical instruments are protected from dehydration and damage with the VISCORE air humidification system from Merlin.

Merlin Technology

Wherever waterbased paints are used, high-quality air humidification systems have an extremely positive effect on people, materials and machines. The following article reveals what really matters.

Liebherr-Aerospace opts for Merlin Technology

Merlin Technology's ORBIT WING high-pressure duct humidification system provides outstanding results in the painting of aircraft and helicopter landing gears.

Merlin Technology again and again

When companies such as Scheucher Holzindustrie come back to the Merlin Technology brand again and again for air humidification and measuring technology, this is due to...

Merlin Technology developed “hybrid solution” for Porschehof Salzburg

A hybrid version of Merlin Technology’s high pressure duct humidifier ORBIT WING was installed at Porschehof Salzburg...