Success Stories

merlin® provides perfect climate for companies all over the world.

Merlin Technology

The brand new HM9 range from Merlin Technology provides exact values and is recommended for all types of industrial applications.

Merlin Technology

As with Klee am Hanslteich, restaurateur Werner Helnwein also swears by an air humidification system from Merlin Technology at Spelunke to provide his guests with a healthy climate.

Merlin Technology

Carpenters and wood processors can use the HM9 from Merlin Technology to better monitor the production process and to reliably analyse where air humidification ...

Air humidification from Merlin Technology

Up to 99 % electrical energy saving compared to electric steam humidifiers, up to 98 % evaporation efficiency* and a 50 % shorter evaporation distance...

Merlin Technology

At Werba-Chem GmbH in Vienna, teary eyes below 20 % humidity in offices are a thing of the past.

Landesverlag Druckservice has converted to Merlin Technology

Paper is sensitive and needs a constant room humidity. This is also known at the Landesverlag Druckservice Wels, where 15,000 tonnes of paper are processed annually for the production of...

Successful project in the USA

Our next showcase project in the USA is on track!

Merlin at Team 7

After the positive experience gained with Merlin Technology's humidification systems in its production facility, the solid wood furniture manufacturer is now also focussing on healthy air in the offices.

Everyone at Schachermayer can breathe a little easier thanks to air humidification system

Undulating floors, cracks, increased risk of fire, red eyes, itchy necks: since the installation of a merlin® air humidification system, these issues are...

Good atmosphere throughout the entire production

The Alpha high-pressure humidification system from Merlin provides top class air conditioning with added value for the well-known cross-laminated timber manufacturer.

Increased product and job quality

After 113,000 operating hours spread over 13 years, the merlin® air-humidification system in the production facility at the company Schösswender, based in Upper Austria, is still running like...

Schachermayer makes the whole business clearer

For Schachermayer only top quality is good enough. This now also refers to the air in the world of consulting in Linz.