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Grundfos saves 128 MWh with merlin® energy-efficient MICRO DROP direct room humidification

As one of the world's leading pump manufacturers, Grundfos has been synonymous with quality and innovation for over 60 years. With an impressive annual production of around 16 million pumps, the Danish company serves customers worldwide. The focus is on circulation pumps for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology as well as sewage lifting units and pressure boosting systems for water supply. As a sustainability-oriented company, it goes without saying that the electronics production department invested in an energy-saving direct room humidification system from merlin®.

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Air humidification as an indispensable component

Fritz Kohl Concepts GmbH / Karlstadt

In today's business world, where quality and efficiency are crucial, the company Fritz Kohl Concepts GmbH from Karlstadt has successfully established itself as a pioneer in the production of high-quality veneers made from natural materials, particularly in the automotive industry. The merlin® air humidification in particular has proven to be an indispensable component in ensuring optimum humidity conditions, thus maximizing their end products' production and quality.

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Ending the dust chaos: Durmin relies on ENVIRO dust control!

Durmin Entsorgung und Logistik GmbH

To ensure that the fine dust released during the recycling process does not become a further burden on people and the environment, Durmin relies on ENVIRO's merlin® ALPHA high-pressure atomization for dust control in storage, sorting halls, and at belt transfers and loading areas.

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Center ring: Quick and safe filter installation made easy

New product launch

The center ring is the solution for your filter installation! It guarantees quick, easy and safe installation, saving you time and effort. The center ring ensures that your filters always fit perfectly.

Service technician Leonardo Bosnjak

New service partner

We are pleased to introduce Leonardo Bosnjak as a new merlin® service technician partner at Verkoop d.o.o.!

Will autonomous driving be the revolution on our roads?

Stop talking, start acting

In recent years, autonomous driving has become an important and time-critical topic. Advancing technology is enabling vehicles to drive without human intervention and has the potential to fundamentally change the way we get around. Did you know that ...

Employee portraits

Merlin Technology

We warmly invite you to take a look at the next generation of our team. Here we introduce you to three exceptional personalities: our newly qualified apprentices, who drive our company goals with every fiber of their being with their expertise and passion.

Working at high temperatures = reduced productivity

Adiabatic cooling as solution

The indoor climate in offices and production sites is an often underestimated but crucial factor for employee performance. From room temperature and air quality to ventilation, various aspects play a role. In our article, we take a closer look at these correlations and provide practical tips on how you can increase productivity in your company.

Employee portraits

Merlin Technology

The introduction of our employees enters the next round. Step inside and get to know our talented team! In this article, we would like to introduce you to two of our dedicated employees who drive our company goals with their expertise and passion.

merlin® & Steinert

Success Story

Steinert GmbH develops sophisticated magnetic and state-of-the-art sensor technology for sorting valuable resources. In the interview, Dr. Alexander Khoury, Head of the Test Center at Steinert GmbH, talks about the benefits of merlin® air humidification for the health and occupational safety of employees.

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Digital emissions

Stop talking, start acting

We live in an era of digitalization, which undoubtedly enriches our lives. However, the ecological impact of the digital world should also be considered. In this edition of "Stop talking, start acting" we take a look at digital emissions to get a better understanding of the environmental impact of digitalization. Did you know that ...

Employee portraits

Merlin Technology

merlin® is a company that not only focuses on sustainability and innovation, but also attaches great importance to the well-being of its employees. Through special talent tests (LimbicColor®), employees at merlin® can further their development in order to get the most out of their own strengths. We know that satisfied and motivated employees are the key to our success. For this reason we would like to introduce two people in more detail in this article – Brigitte und Christoph.

merlin® joins the association “ZULuft – Zukunft Luft Austria”

Healthy room air

merlin® has been a member of the association “ZULuft – Zukunft Luft Austria” since May 2023. The association was founded in 2023 and is made up of members from the construction and building services sector, with the focus on ventilation and air conditioning technology.

Stop talking, start acting

Adiabatic cooling & saving energy

Many people look forward to the warm season, when they can once again stay outdoors longer. It’s a different story in offices and production halls, which can heat up due to the warm temperatures. At merlin® we not only humidify the air, but also cool it, ensuring a pleasant climate on hot days. Did you know that …

New CTO at Merlin Technology!

Merlin Technology

Dominik Reisinger is the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Merlin Technology. The son of the company founder and owner Johann Reisinger is now following his father’s footsteps.

Digital Transformation at merlin®


Nowadays, digital innovations in companies are indispensable for working more efficiently and agilely and for improving customer experiences. In this context, two projects at merlin® are particularly noteworthy.

Stop talking, start acting


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been on the rise for years and is experiencing an enormous boom right now. Software such as ChatGPT is particularly popular right now and shows what possibilities artificial intelligence offers. Nevertheless, it's important to look at this technology from all sides as well. Did you know that ...

merlin® & Laballery

New print shop Laballery

The print shop founded by the Laballery family in 1924 in Clamecy, France has specialised in monochrome books from the very beginning.

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Great ideas of young students

InnoCamp36 2022

In 2022 merlin® was once again part of the InnoCamp36 – an event organised by the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Steyr Campus – where young, dedicated and creative students solve a task set by the company within 36 hours.

Stop talking, start acting


Upcycling is an increasing trend that above all makes a positive contribution to the careful handling of resources. It involves the modification of an object that is no longer usable for its actual purpose in such a way that an added value is created. Did you know that …

Stop talking, start acting


Industry, private households, commerce and traffic: they all need energy. Until recently, these needs were covered for the most part by the combustion of coal, gas and oil.
In addition to these fossil fuels, biomass and renewable energies are also available. When there are no longer sufficient quantities of energy reserves, this is referred to as an energy crisis. Did you know that …

Yet another VDI certification

Air hygiene

The outstanding hygiene of the merlin® air humidification systems has been confirmed once again with the certification of the CORBIT® in-duct humidification system by the gui-lab engineering company Dr. Winkens.

merlin® air humidification: cooling at the Sparkassenplatz in Innsbruck

Tiroler Sparkasse Innsbruck

Together with merlin®, the Tyrolean Sparkasse has implemented the winning project of an architectural competition in a public space in Innsbruck. A central topical point: cooling through air humidification - added value for passers-by and the urban space in the increasing heat of summer.

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merlin® air humidification at Internorm


An interview with Manuel Mayrhofer, who is responsible for manufacturing technology / industrial engineering at Internorm.

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MOISTEC PRO wood and building humidity meter

Multifunctional and uncomplicated measurement of humidity

Problems are inevitable when material humidity is too high or too low. A modern humidity measuring instrument such as the MOISTEC PRO wood and building humidity meter is therefore indispensable for measuring material humidity.

Sustainability & social responsibility

Stop talking, start acting!

The subject of “sustainability & social responsibility” has long since played an important role at merlin®. That's why new projects and ideas are always being implemented in relation to these topics. Did you know that merlin®

Perfect room climate in the Zukunftspark+ Tulln

Zukunftspark+ Tulln

New life was breathed into the site of the abandoned Goldmann printing works in Tulln in a revitalisation project. Aerovent and Merlin Technology from Upper Austria were also involved – they ensure a pleasant room climate in the building complex.

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merlin® & Schachermayer in Vienna

Schachermayer Vienna

As it was already the case at its Linz site, Schachermayer has been relying on air humidification systems from merlin® in Vienna since 2017. The VISCORE air humidification system is also presented in the showroom in Vienna.

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merlin® & Fischer Sports

Fischer Sports

An interview with Manfred Machl, Production Manager NORDIC at Fischer Sports.

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Air humidification at Sparkasse OÖ

Sparkasse OÖ

An interview with Franz Ortner, responsible for facility management at Sparkasse OÖ.

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Samson Druck: Switching to Merlin Technology has paid off!

Samson Druck

Since switching to the merlin® ALPHA high-pressure air humidification system, a pleasant climate is felt not only in production, but also in the offices.

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Merlin air humidification in St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Valuable altars, sculptures and musical instruments are protected from dehydration and damage with the VISCORE air humidification system from Merlin.

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Air humidification for top lacquering of chassis


Merlin Technology's ORBIT WING high-pressure duct humidification system provides outstanding results in the painting of aircraft and helicopter landing gears.

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The highest level of wood moisture measurement

Scheucher Holzindustrie

When companies such as Scheucher Holzindustrie come back to the Merlin Technology brand again and again for air humidification and measuring technology, this is due to...

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Combined air humidification and cooling system

Porschehof Salzburg

A hybrid version of Merlin Technology’s high pressure duct humidifier ORBIT WING was installed at Porschehof Salzburg...

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Great climate in trendy Viennese restaurants

Local Spelunke in Vienna

As with Klee am Hanslteich, restaurateur Werner Helnwein also swears by an air humidification system from Merlin Technology at Spelunke to provide his guests with a healthy climate.

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Top climate at the Austria Center Vienna

Austria Center Vienna

Up to 99 % electrical energy saving compared to electric steam humidifiers, up to 98 % evaporation efficiency* and a 50 % shorter evaporation distance...

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Borgers Ohio relies on merlin® air humidification


Our next showcase project in the USA is on track!

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Troubles, be gone!


Undulating floors, cracks, increased risk of fire, red eyes, itchy necks: since the installation of a merlin® air humidification system, these issues are...

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Dining-Furniture pros clear the air with the climate control


After 113,000 operating hours spread over 13 years, the merlin® air-humidification system in the production facility at the company Schösswender, based in Upper Austria, is still running like...

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Weltmuseum Wien follows in the footsteps of the Belvedere

Weltmuseum Wien

What will the Belvedere and the Weltmuseum Wien have in common in the future? Visitors will be able to breathe air that has been humidified by MERLIN® Technology throughout!

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Air humidification reduces electrostatic charge at Synthesia


It is already known that air humidification reduces electrostatic charge, but this has now been confirmed once again by means of a risk analysis on the subject of “Electrostatic safety properties of a workplace”.

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Stop talking, start acting!

According to a study by Greenpeace, people nowadays buy twice as much clothing as they did 15 years ago, but they only wear it half as long. The result is clear: both dealers and consumers own vast quantities of clothing – at the expense of the environment. Did you know that …

merlin® meets Tennis


We at merlin are enthusiastic tennis players. Therefore it is important to us to also support the regional tennis associations. In total, we are already sponsoring six tennis associations.

Meat production and consumption

Stop talking, start acting!

The global production and consumption of meat have increased drastically in recent decades. Recently, however, a change in the way of thinking has become apparent and meat consumption is the subject of critical discussion in society, media and science. Also, campaigns such as the "Veganuary" are intended to encourage people to go without meat and other animal products for a whole month. Did you know that …

Successful VDI certification

Air hygiene

It's official since December 2021: the ORBIT WING® air humidification system also complies with the hygiene requirements according to VDI 6022 sheet 1. A further milestone for merlin® and at the same time proof of the high quality of the merlin® systems.

Paper shortage

Stop talking, start acting!

The demand for paper has been in decline for years, but since recently the resource has been more in demand than ever before. However, it is in short supply and the existing demand cannot be covered. What is the reason for this problem and what consequences can the consumer expect? Did you know that …

merlin® at the University of Applied Sciences in Steyr

InnoCamp36 - innovations in a very short time

The first InnoCamp36 took place at the Steyr campus of the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences in 2013. The concept has proven its worth and is underlined by innovative solutions and ideas. This year we were represented for the first time as Team merlin®.

Engagement in associations

Stop talking, start acting!

More than a third of all Austrians are members of a club. Along with sports clubs, musical societies or organizations, such as volunteer fire departments or emergency medical services, you can also start your own club with low barriers to entry. The main focuses are common interests and social gatherings. Did you know that …

merlin® meets Volleyball


For over 20 years we’ve been sponsoring sports, with a special emphasis on tennis and soccer. Now we are also a proud sponsor of the Union Volleyball Club Ried. We are looking forward to thrilling, edge-of-the-seat matches in the coming season.

merlin® & „Die Graphische Wien“

merlin® at …

With the "Smiley Clips", merlin® is launching a new series of short videos in which customers discuss their experiences with merlin® air humidification.

Exhibitions & events during Covid-19 pandemic

Stop talking, start acting!

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, numerous trade fairs and major events have been cancelled. As measures relax and the vaccine roll-out continues, live trade fairs are coming to the fore again. However, these events need to reinvent themselves due to sustainability and the environment.

VDI hygiene training successfully completed

VDI hygiene training 6022

At the beginning of April, a total of 23 merlin® employees and partners completed the VDI 6022 hygiene training course in accordance with category A/B. Topics relating to hygiene for air conditioning systems were trained over two days.

Documentary “Seaspiracy”

Stop talking, start acting!

The documentary “Seaspiracy” is one of the most popular films on the Netflix streaming platform at the moment. It shows the impact of commercial fishing on our oceans and provides some food for thought in the process. Did you know that...

2 x Outstanding

Careers at merlin®

A career at merlin® offers diverse opportunities for development. With us, apprentices in particular receive first-class training and are integrated into all working processes right from the outset.

Company for employees with special needs FAB ProWork

Stop talking, start acting!

FAB ProWork is a non-profit organisation that establishes the conditions for successful and lasting professional integration for people seeking work through qualification, employment, counselling and support.

Cooperation with FAB ProWork

Close collaboration with a company for employees with special needs

Merlin Technology provides regular support to sheltered workshops. With FAB ProWork Ried, a partnership has been established that has been beneficial to both parties since 1996.


Duct humidification

The new 2-in-1 ORBIT WING® Hybrid system from Merlin Technology establishes the best climate for man, materials and the environment, both in summer and in winter. A complete solution with tested hygiene guarantees maximum safety.

Vaccination history

Stop talking, start acting!

Vaccinations are one of the most effective measures available in preventative healthcare. Vaccinations are always advisable when the risk of contracting a certain infectious disease is higher than the risk of vaccination. Did you know that …

Top trained Merliners

Careers at merlin®

At merlin® we encourage our employees and support them in their professional careers. Not only our employees benefit from this, but also merlin® through a highly trained Merlin team.

merlin® - a new face

New facade design

Merlin Technology introduces a new face – polarising, motivating and inspiring. The façade of the merlin® building has been redesigned in collaboration with the artists from “TWOOO”.

Luca Haala - our Project Engineer for Vienna & Eastern Europe

Project Engineer in Vienna

Even in times of crisis, merlin® is not only presenting the new façade, but is taking another positive step. Luca Haala, a sales colleague based in Vienna, is a new member of the merlin® team.

External expert report provides impressive confirmation of hygiene

Verification by external experts

Independent inspections by external experts have provided impressive confirmation that our merlin® air humidification systems meet the hygiene requirements.

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Air humidification & Covid

Stop talking, start acting!

Air humidity is a decisive factor for the spread of the corona virus. This has been proven by a study by the Indian-German TROPOS Institute, among others.

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 spreads more indoors at low humidity

Impact of air humidification on Covid

The airborne transmission of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 via aerosol particles in indoor environment seems to be strongly influenced by relative humidity.

More whisky thanks to air humidification

VP Brands

Since the commissioning of our VISCORE system, a Bulgarian whisky producer has been able to enjoy a steady indoor climate and more profit.

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The HygieneForce brand – the centre of excellence at merlin®


Hygiene and cleanliness are in our DNA! Individual customer service and consistent development work are therefore all the more important to us.

"Stop talking, start acting!" at merlin

Stop talking, start acting!

“Stop talking, start acting” is not only the name of this section, but also the standard we at Merlin Technology set for ourselves every day.

Aerosol disinfection with your air humidification

Sanitize with air humidification

Using aerosols combined with a disinfectant, is an effective way of disinfecting an entire room in a homogeneous manner.

Our new HM9 gains approval once again

Wood moisture meter HM9

Our non-destructive wood moisture meters have gained a long-term reputation for precision and economy. The Japanese test procedure JAS has now impressively confirmed the quality of this series.